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Keynote SpeakerDaniel Bar-Tal

Biographical Note

Daniel Bar-Tal is Professor Emeritus at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University. His research interest is in political and social psychology studying socio-psychological foundations of intractable conflicts and peace building, as well as development of political understanding among children and peace education. He has published over twenty five books and over two hundred and fifty articles and chapters in major social and political psychological journals, books and encyclopedias. He served as a President of the International Society of Political Psychology and received various awards for his academic achievements.

Keynote SpeakerMichael Hogg

Biographical Note

Michael Hogg is Professor and Chair of Social Psychology at Claremont Graduate University, an Honorary Professor at the University of Kent, and past President of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology. He has received awards from the Australian Psychological Society, the British Academy, and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology; and is Editor-in-Chief of Group Processes and Intergroup Relations and Associate Editor of The Leadership Quarterly. He has published widely on social identity, group and intergroup processes, and influence and leadership.

Keynote SpeakerJames Liu

Biographical Note

James H. Liu (刘豁夫) is Professor of Psychology at Massey University in New Zealand. He has been influential in the development of the Asian Association of Social Psychology. His work is in social, cross-cultural, and political psychology, where he has co-authored over 200 publications, and is incoming Co-Editor-in-Chief of Political Psychology. His research specializes in social representations of history and identity politics, as well as trust, digital influence, and global consciousness. He identifies as a neo-Confucianist, following the footsteps of his philosopher father.

Keynote SpeakerTatsuya Kameda

Biographical Note

Tatsuya Kameda is Professor of social psychology at the University of Tokyo. His research has revolved around social decision making. He is currently studying the emergence of social norms in groups and its neuro-cognitive-ecological underpinnings, and the wisdom of crowds in collective decisions. Kameda has published more than 100 articles in scientific journals, including PNAS, Psychol Rev, Psychol Sci, Curr Dir Psychol Sci, PSPR, and JPSP.

Keynote SpeakerSylvia Chen

Biographical Note

Sylvia Xiaohua Chen is Professor of Department of Applied Social Sciences and Associate Dean of Faculty of Health and Social Sciences at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her research focuses on the social psychology of bilingualism and biculturalism, personality and social behavior in cultural contexts, cultural diversity and mental health, and more recently, globalization and multiculturalism. Currently, she is President-Elect of the Asian Association of Social Psychology.