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AASP Summer School 2021

July 26 (Mon) - July 28 (Wed), 2021
Virtual Mode @ Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea

The social psychology of intergroup relations and pandemics

AASP Education & Training Committee Chair
Dr. Itesh Sachdev


The Asian Association of Social Psychology is pleased to announce the 2021 biennial AASP Summer School (SS) in virtual-mode from Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea (and across the world). The SS aims to bring together a group of graduate students and new PhDs (degree completed within the last 5 years) with inspiring mentors for an intensive three-day study of social psychological research and development. It will consist of a series of interactions between mentors and mentees to develop research proposals collaboratively in the area of ‘Intergroup Relations & Pandemics’. Some sessions will involve all participants; others will be in smaller groups specifically to develop research proposals (time for self-study will also be incorporated into the programme). Members of the small groups are expected to be from different Asian nations to encourage intergroup collaboration and exchange.

The SS aims to help develop researchers pursuing agendas that include social psychological theories and methods. Participants will work together virtually, benefitting from the opportunity of high-quality interaction with others from the comfort of their own homes. This will facilitate time for reflection and self-study while encouraging discussion and fellowship in online group interaction and mentoring. We are also aiming to provide some advanced training in quantitative research methods. The expected output will be group research proposals presented online on the final day of the SS. AASP awards and opportunities for research grants will also be made available to participants.

Please note that since this is the first-ever virtual AASP Summer School (due to the COVID pandemic), you will need access to good and reliable internet. It is likely to present some interesting challenges: for instance, our mentors and mentees come from different time zones and seasons across the world (e.g., 16 hours between Seoul and California; summer and winter between hemispheres, etc). This will result in some unsociable-hours’ interactions for some – an unfortunate aspect of not being able to get together in the same place. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that mentors and mentees will co-create an exciting and inspiring experience in virtual mode. We have a superb set of mentors, and there will be significant pre-course preparation and reading.



  • Richard Bourhis (UQAM, Montreal, Canada)
  • Cindy Gallois (University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Elizabeth Jones (Monash University, Malaysia)
  • James Liu (Massey University, New Zealand)
  • Vivian Lun (Lingnan University, HK, China)
  • Purnima Singh (IIT Delhi, India)
  • Jacinth Tan (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
  • Bernadette Watson (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK, China)

Lecturer in Advanced Statistics

  • Seungmin Jahng (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

AASP Summer School 2021 Mentees groups

Gp 1 Berfin Acar (Turkey) Xiaoyuan Li (China) Teri Terigele (USA)
Gp 2 Molly Han (USA) Kaela Leyretana (Philippines) Tongping Yang (China)
Gp 3 Wen Cong Chin (Malaysia) Tengjiao Huang (Singapore) Haochen Zhou (Australia)
Gp 4 Eunbyul Do (South Korea) Yasser Saeedian (Australia) Pallavi Ramanathan (India)
Gp 5 Divya Bhanot (India) Sarah Choi (NZ) Kian Jin Tan (Australia)
Gp 6 Linna Fu (Russia) Junix Jerald I Delos Santos (Philippines) Evan Armando Valdes (USA)
Gp 7 Patricio Javier Saavedra Morales (Chile) Nurul Urul Miza Mohd Rashid (Malaysia) Xinyi Zhang (China)
Gp 8 Tomohiro Ioku (Japan) Lin Jing (China) Upekha Miriyagalla (Australia)

AASP Summer School 2021 Timetable

Date & Seoul (Korea) Time
Between now and 26th July Self-study & meetings with group members, mentors & coordinators
26th July, 2021
9 am – 10 am (Seoul Time)

Rest of day
Introduction & Welcome
HS Choi (AASP President)
Jiin Jung & Itesh Sachdev (Coordinators)

Self-study & virtual meetings with mentors-mentees at agreed times
27th July, 2021
9 am – 10 am (Seoul Time)

Time to be announced
(probably 11 am – 1 pm with break)
Self-study & virtual meetings with mentors-mentees at agreed times

Statistics workshop
Seungmin Jahng (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

One 30 min intergroup meeting at end of day for 2 groups to present proposals to each other (without mentors)
28th July, 2021

2 pm (Seoul Time)

5 pm – 6 pm (Seoul Time)
Self-study & virtual meetings with mentors-mentees at agreed times

Upload proposals

Results of Judging, feedback, good luck and goodbye…