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Dear Members,

On behalf of the Asian Association of Social Psychology (AASP) Executive Committee and the Korean Social and Personality Psychological Association (KSPPA), I would like to welcome you to the 14th AASP Biennial Conference in Seoul, Korea.

The Local Organizing Committee, KSPPA, is dedicated to creating a high-impact platform for academic exchange among the members of the AASP. The main theme of the conference, “Social Psychology of Intergroup Conflict: Towards Peace and Reconciliation in Asia”, symbolizes the much-needed dialogue and scientific research in the wake of highly volatile situations that surround us. I am certain that the Seoul conference will be a monumental event in the era of symbiosis and collective flourishing, which I believe will take center stage in our future endeavors to promote peace and harmony in the region.

As you would all agree, COVID-19 has touched every corner of the world, making it impossible to hold large in-person gatherings. It has become abundantly clear that we must make the safety and health of our participants number one priority, which led us to turn the conference into a virtual format this year. I know this is a big disappointment, but I would like to assure you that we will do our best to create a memorable event for all participants with a great deal of enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility.

As of April 1, we have received nearly 500 submissions from all over the world. With a great line-up of keynotes and featured series while capitalizing on the unique features of virtual interaction, the Seoul conference will offer opportunities for scholarly exchange that are enjoyable as well as productive. Although we cannot meet in person this time, you will receive a warm (virtual) welcome from all members of the KSPPA. I truly hope you will join us in this exciting journey and make great strides in our commitment to advancing social psychology.

Look forward to e-meeting you all soon.

Hoon-Seok Choi, Ph.D.

Asian Association of Social Psychology
Korean Social & Personality Psychological Association